Decrust TCC

Bakery Trolley Car Cleaner


Decrust® TCC is a newly developed, strong anionic surfactant specifically designed for the cleaning of bakery trolley cars out of steel as well as for the cleaning of organically incrusted enamel and polymer surfaces. Decrust® TCC provides superior cleaning properties and removes even the worst burned in incrustations.


Decrust® TCC is offered as ready to use solution with a concentration of the active ingredient of about 40 wt. %. The cleaning of the trolley cars is simply performed by submerging the trolley into Decrust® TCC. Optimal cleaning results are achieved at a temperature of about 40 to 45oC and an exposure time 5-10 minutes depending on the thickness of the incrustations. Alternatively Decrust® CTT is offered as a Gel. The Gel easily is applied onto the steel surface. After an exposure time of 15 - 25 minutes depending on the thickness of the incrustations, the incrustations are wiped off with a cloth followed by thorough rinsing with water.

Physical Properties

Composition Proprietary formulation
Active ingredients 40 wt %
Ionic type Anionic
Appearance Turbid liquid
Odor Slightly orange
Stability Stable
Shelf life 6 months