About Us

Decrust Sp.zo.o. with it’s manufacturing site in Kedzierzyn Kozle is manufacturer of specialty chemicals for various industries and consumers. Located in Kedzierzyn Kozle we manufacture a range of product lines for reputable industries like the welding equipment-, Aluminum can manufacturing-, Lead battery- , aluminum heat exchanger-, automotive supply-, construction- and food industries as well as cleaning products for end consumers. At our location in Kedzierzyn Kozle we are directly connected to the A4 highway, channel waterway and three airports providing excellent logistical infrastructure to our company.

Decrust Sp.zo.o. offers a complete range of products accompanied with active Research, Development and pilot productions. Products range from liquid to gels, pastes and solids with packaging ranging from consumer sized cans and containers, to IBC’s and FCL loads as well as aerosol cans. Decrust Sp.z.o.o does react quickly and flexibly to customer requirements as already proven many times. Decrust Sp.zo.o. is the preferred supplier to many industries and companies.

With it’s complete range of R&D and piloting equipment, Decrust company does develop new, own products with excellent performance providing added value to our customers. Furthermore Decrust Sp.zo.o. offers the development and manufacture of customized products exclusively developed and manufactured for our customers.

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