Decrust SM

Specialty Product for Lubrication and Cooling of Machineries

Product Description

DECRUST® SM consists out of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti foam products and cleaning agents emulsified in high concentrated and deep-refined mineral oils.


DECRUST SM is designed for the lubrication, corrosion and oxidation prevention of Aluminum and machinery equipment of the metal cutting, metal drilling manufacturing industries. DECRUST® SM offers superior lubrication and heat transfer while keeping machinery parts clean.

DECRUST® SM sticks to drilling, cutting and conveying machinery equipment DECRUST® SM simultaneously lubricates, prevents the Oxidation of Aluminum and formation of residues on the machinery parts. At the same time DECRUST® SM does cool the metal cutting and drilling process. Depending on the process the viscosity of DECRUST® SM can be adjusted by Fluorochemika. DECRUST® SM can be used as is or in lower concentration of up to 20 or 30 wt. %.

Product Information

DECRUST® SM is a deeply refined concentrated oil with Additives imparting specific properties for the usage. Application of the product is typical.

Product is to be prevented to come into contact with effluents. Spent product is to be collected and incinerated in accordance with governmental regulations.


DECRUST® SM is offered as ready to use product in different container sizes. Depending on the process DECRUST® SM also can be diluted with water up to a concentration of 20 - 30 wt. % depending on the machinery type. DECRUST® SM is simply filled into a bath in which moving metal chains ® are pulled through or where DECRUST SM is circulated or provided on drilling or cutting equipment.

Depending on the process DECRUST® SM can be offered with a different viscosities so that more DECRUST® SM sticks to the moving metal parts.

Physical Properties

Composition Proprietary formulation
Appearance Clear, brown liquid
pH 7.5 - 9.5
10 % Emulsion in water Transparent to milky
Storage Stable, protection against humidity required
Packaging Polyethylene or steel drums