Decrust DeDust

Dust control application


In different industry sectors as for example the: mining industries, construction industries, unpaved roads, land development, aircraft runways and others one problem is common: dust control. Dust control is a serious problem which does not only have an environmental and health impact but also does influence production approvals, costs and labor effectiveness in such industries and works.

Decrust DeDustTM is a newly developed ground and soil stabilizer and dust control agent. Decrust DeDustTM does have excellent dust control properties.

Decrust DeDustTM agent is the efficient way to stabilize soils and aggregates in addition to controlling dust and erosion. Applications are extensive ranging from simple backyard trails to the whole transport infrastructure and mining industries.

Decrust DeDustTM is easy to be used and applied. Decrust DeDustTM is designed to penetrate the surface (even 30 cm deep into) and to create a transparent and smooth dust free surface of the land or road.

Usage and Packaging

Decrust DeDustTM is provided as a ready to use solution. The way of application is simple and convenient: just spray or pour Decrust DeDustTM onto the surface which has to be dust controlled. If required deeper penetration is achieved by spraying at a higher pressure. After application allow the surface to dry. Decrust DeDustTM is supplied at customer request in bottles, canisters, drums, IBC containers and ISO containers.

Advantages of Decrust De DustTM:
  • High performance
  • Deep penetration of the ground
  • Long lasting effect
  • Economical & convenient
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-hazardous
  • Easy to transport and apply

Physical Properties

Chemical Composition Contains proprietary surfactant blend and hybrid agents
pH Slightly Alkaline
Appearance White liqud
Odor Characteristic
Stability Stable
Shelf life 6 months
Storage stability Avoid freezing and high temperatures