Decrust BW30 Gel

Sulfuric acid removing and wetting gel

Product Description

BW30 Gel is a newly developed product for the removal of sulfuric acid as well as unwanted copper oxides after electro winning process.


After the electrochemical winning process the copper cathodes are removed from the electrolysis cells in the cell house. Naturally the copper cathodes are covered with sulfuric acid which will oxidize the freshly manufactured copper forming copper sulfates and copper oxides on the surface.

In order to prevent this the freshly manufactured copper cathodes are transported to a washing bath in which the mineral acid is removed. Attributable to the high ambient temperature and low humidity the copper cathodes quickly dry while being transported to the washing bath requiring to repeatedly spray the cathodes with water in order to keep the copper surface wet.

Since water is costly in areas like the Atacama desert BW30 Gel is a powerful product which removes the Sulfuric acid from the surface keeping the cathodes wet before submerging into the water bath. Additionally BW 30 Gel does remove any oxide or sulfate impurity and provides the typical copper color back to the copper cathodes.

BW30 is biologically degradable and certified to be friendly to the health. After simple application of the Gel onto the surface of the copper, the product removes the sulfuric acid and submerges inorganic impurities and by this does remove such. Under such conditions a smooth and polished like looking surface appears.


BW30 Gel is supplied as a ready to use Gel. Best results will be achieved by simple spraying the Gel onto the surface of the copper cathodes. One single spray is enough. No repeated spraying required to keep the coper electrodes “wet”. The sprayed on BW30 Gel does remove the sulfuric acid and removes sulfates from the surface of the copper electrodes. The electrodes do stay “wet” even if exposed to higher temperatures and low humidity for a prolonged time. A one time treatment until the treated electrodes are submerged into the washing bath is sufficient.

The effect of BW30 Gel is quite obvious: a shiny, typical copper color of the copper.