Decrust BOC

Agent for Industrial Parts Cleaning

Product Description

DECRUST® BOC is a newly developed cleaning agent for the cleaning of industrial parts. DECRUST® BOC does have excellent cleaning properties for all deep drawing, punch pressed and similar manufactured parts out of steel, alloy steel, non ferrous metals, aluminum, glass, ceramics and polymers. Smoothly and efficiently DECRUST®-BOC degreases and even removes oil coal.


During the deep drawing and punch-press processes of the metal processing industries various greases, oils and fatty materials are used which stick to the surface of the manufactured parts and which will have to be removed prior to the next processes. Such cleaning processes normally encompass the usage of dangerous chemicals in a several stage dipping bath. The usage of flammable solvents or Perchloroethylene is expensive and difficult in the process engineering. Excluding the usage of dangerous chemicals oil coals are scarcely to be removed by any other product without destruction of the surface.

With DECRUST ® BOC a newly developed, modern aqueous cleaning product is available which efficiently degreases industrially manufactured components out of varius materials.

DECRUST® BOC also does remove encrusted oil coal. By usage of DECRUST® BOC environmentally questionable and dangerous solvents as well as Perchlorethylene can be replaced. DECRUST® BOC is biologically degradable and food contact certified.


DECRUST ® BOC is biologically degradable, certified as no health hazard and does have a pleasant scent. The usage of DECRUST® BOC is easy and simple.

DECRUST ® BOC is supplied as ready to use aqueous solution. The concentration of the active components is 53 wt. %. The degreasing and cleaning of the industrial parts is best done in a dipping bath or compact cleaning unit. Best results are achieved in a chamber washing unit with spray nozzles specifically at a temperature range of 35 - 45 °C. Rising with demineralized water after the degreasing process followed by conventional drying process will provide best results. For the removal of encrusted oil coal the parts evenly have to be sprayed with DECRUST® BOC. It has to be ensured that the material is not rinsing down but covers the oil coal. After a submigration or contact time of 3- 10 h the submigrated oil coal easily can be removed with a simple cloth or water spray.