Decrust B

Anionic surfactant for bakeries


Decrust B is an anionic surfactant designed for the cleaning of the aluminum trays of bakeries. Decrust B does have excellent cleaning properties with significantly reduced Aluminum corrosion.

Application Background

During the bakery process organic material from bread, rolls, cakes etc. will form a solid encrusted layer on the Aluminum trays in the oven. Such encrusted material is very difficult to remove. Current materials used to clean such trays are based on caustic soda and soap with some activators. These materials provide a good cleaning power; however corrode the Aluminum of the trays significantly. The amount of dissolved Aluminum in the cleaning solution after cleaning is also an environmental concern.

Decrust B is an anionic alkaline surfactant providing superior cleaning power compared to the leading branches. Encrusted organic material is easily removed at comparable cleaning temperatures. Decrust B is biologically degradable and approved by the food processing industry.

The comparison of other surfactants used in the bakery industries to Decrust B does show a 150 % higher corrosion rate to the Aluminum trays of such surfactants. Consequently the reduced corrosion rate of Decrust B does result in a prolongation of the usage time of the Aluminum trays. Environmental concerns are reduced accordingly.


Decrust B is offered as ready to use solution. The concentration of the active ingredient is about 22 %.

The amount of Decrust B used for the Aluminum-tray cleaning depends upon the thickness and built up material and other conditions being individual for every bakery. This makes it difficult to specify the exact amount of solution to be used. The material will automatically replenish in the Decrust B Tray Washing Machine.