Oil, grease and soot removing product from Aluminum cans after Deep Drawing Process

Product Description

Decolox® RUP is a newly developed product which safely and efficiently removes the heavily incrusted oil, grease and soot from Aluminum cans after the deep drawing process. Decolox® RUP is free of HF and any other Fluorides and by this is safely and environmentally friendly to apply. Decolox® RUP is a drop in replacement product for HF based cleaning products.


Aluminum cans for the beverage industries are manufactured in a so-called Aluminum Deep Drawing Process. The deep drawing process results in the formation of a heavily incrusted, dark layer onto the inside surface of the Aluminum cans which so far can only be removed with the highly aggressive and toxic blends of HF with HNO3 or H2SO4.

Attributable to the nature of HF, such HF based acids are highly toxic and dangerous to apply. Besides the removal of the unwanted dark incrustation of the Deep Drawing Process, HF also results in a corrosion of the Aluminum surface forming Aluminum fluoride wastes. Attributable to the highly corrosive and dangerous character of the HF based cleaning solvents the operators are required to wear personal protection equipment meeting HF chemical requirements.

With Decolox®RUP a user- and environmentally friendly drop in replacement product for the HF based acids is available which safely and environmentally friendly removes the incrusted oil, grease and soot residues from Aluminum cans after the Deep Drawing Process.

Decolox® RUP treated Aluminum cans also provide the required pickling of the Aluminum surface in order to pass the Borax and Dome Stain Test after Zirkoniumphosphate coating. DECOLOX® RUP is an environmentally friendly and safely to be applied drop in replacement product for the currently used HF based products.

Decolox®RUP is not considered to be a dangerous product (transport). As a drop in replacement product for HF based cleaning products the application of Decolox® RUP is identical to such HF based materials. Decolox® RUP is environmentally friendly without formation of any Aluminum fluorides.


Decolox® RUP is supplied as a ready to use solution in IBC containers.

Decolox® RUP is applied under comparable application conditions to the currently used HF based cleaning products. Decolox® RUP is to be applied as follows:

  1. Reaction temperature: 30 - 60 °C
  2. Spray Nozzle Application: about 2 bar
  3. Reaction time: 15 - 45 seconds
  4. Rinsing with water
  5. Zirkoniumphosphate coating
  6. Passing of the Dome Stain and Borax Test

Physical Properties