Decrust TP

Fabric protector


Decrust® TP is a newly designed product providing a lasting protection for fabrics, textiles and carpets against dust, dirt and stains. Generally all households, restaurants, hotels, offices etc. are facing the same problem: dirt, dust and stains sticking to the upholstery and carpets. The dirt and stains mostly are caused by coffee, tea, milk, wine, ketchup and similar. Attributable to the static electricity, such stains penetrate deeply into the fabric and by this are very difficult to be removed.

Decrust® TP does provides superior protection properties against the dust adsorption and stain formation of textile fibers. Decrust® TP reduces / eliminates the built-in static electricity formed between the dirt (stains) and the fibers of the fabric. Decrust® TP molecules crosslink with each other but also with the fibers of the textile/carpet and by this provide a repelling and protective layer on the surface which results in a protection of the fabrics against dust and stains.

Unprotected carpet

Protected carpet


Decrust® TP is offered as ready to use solution in different packaging sizes. The usage is very convenient just by spraying Decrust® TP liquid solution onto the surface of the carpet or fabric and allow to dry.

After the drying is finished the fabric or carpet is covered with an invisible protection layer which protects the fabric and fibers against dirt and dust. Compared to unprotected textiles, dirt and staining compounds are much easier to be removed from Decrust® TP treated fabrics.

Decrust® TP provides a great durability, does not affect the appearance, color and touch of the fabric and allows the fabric to remain soft and breathable.

Physical Properties

Composition Proprietary formulation
Active ingredients Hybrid-co-polymers
Appearance White suspension
Odor Fresh flowers
Stability Stable
Shelf life One year