Decrust Tire Magic

Tire cleaner


DecrustTM Tire Magic is a newly developed cleaner for tires which also restores the distinctive black color to the tire avoiding the formation of a too glossy appearance. DecrustTM Tire Magic combines superior cleaning properties, replenishing the black appearance and restoring the original looks of the tire like freshly manufactured. Without any polishing requirements, DecrustTM Tire Magic is easy and completely effortless to be applied.

Application Background

DecrustTM Tire Magic is intended to clean and restore the original looks of the tire. DecrustTM Tire Magic eliminates the visible effects of the atmospheric conditions and the results of the operation of the tire. If applied regularly the otherwise normal fading of the color and detrimental appearance of the tire can be eliminated.


DecrustTM Tire Magic is offered as an easy2clean, ready to use solution. Brief shaking of DecrustTM Tire Magic before usage is recommended. Application of DecrustTM Tire Magic is as simple as convenient: just apply a thin film of DecrustTM Tire Magic onto the tire or other types of rubber and plastic components. Allow the product film to dry. Slight wiping of the tire with a dry cloth may optimize the result. In case of heavy impurities on the surface of the tire it is suggested to repeat the cleaning procedure until the desired performance has been reached.

  • Economical & convenient
  • Does not require polishing
  • Restores the natural color and looks
  • Beautiful light luster
  • Dries quickly after application
  • Non-corrosive
  • Non-toxic

Physical Properties