Decrust Laundry Master

Liquid detergent


DecrustTM LM is a completely new developed liquid detergent for laundry application. DecrustTMLM provides superior stain removing properties. The product has specifically been designed for laundering white fabrics with cold water or at a temperature of 30 degree C. DecrustTM LM provides a long-lasting fragrance. DecrustTM LM is based on an innovative formulation of various surfactants, additives and enzymes. DecrustTMLM does not contain any phosphates and is environmentally very friendly.

Usage Information

Load sizes* ** * *Water hardness
Extra 90 ml 110 ml Hard
Regular 70 ml 90 ml Medium
Small 50 ml 70 ml Soft

Measure the appropriate amount of detergent and pour such amount into the detergent chamber of your washing machine. Any stubborn stain should be pre-treated by pouring a small amount of DecrustTM LM or Decrust®B directly onto the stain without any rubbing prior to the otherwise normal laundering process.


  • Excellent stain removing properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Works well in warm or cold water
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • High softness of the fabrics
  • Anti electrostatic properties
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Economical & convenient usage

Physical Properties

Chemical composition

Proprietary formulation of surfactants, additives and enzymes

Appearance Bluish liquid
Odor Fresh flowes
Stability Stable
Minimum shelf life 1 year
Storage Avoid freezing