Decrust CF

Specialty Chemical for the removal of red iron stains, calcium carbonate residues and incrusted urea stones

Product Description

Decrust® CF is a newly formulated product designed for the removal of red iron oxide stains, calcium carbonate, urea stones as well as soap and similar residues from ceramics, tiles, floors, concrete and polymers. Decrust® CF does not contain Sulfamic acid, HCl etc which makes Decrust® CF safe to use and without unpleasant odors.


Attributable to the iron- and calcium- oxide content of running water among others in industry, restaurants and households like sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets etc. red stains and incrustations quickly are formed by iron oxide and calcium carbonate rendering a displeasing appearance to such ceramics. Additionally urea stones will make such ceramics as well as the floor and tiles very hard to clean. Available detergents and cleaners are not in a position to sufficiently clean such ceramics. Abrasive products may remove some of such colorizations and incrustations but at the price of destroying the surface of the ceramics and consequently worsening the situation.

Decrust® CF is a newly developed product which quickly and easily removes iron stains, calcium carbonate incrustations, urea stones as well as other oxidic incrusted residues from silicate made materials like glass, enamel, ceramics, tiles, stones, concrete as well as polymers. Decrust® CF is easily applied either as spray or as a gel. After about 10-15 minutes the incrustations and colorations are dissolved and can be removed with a brush or water spray.

Product Information

The application of Decrust® CF is quick and easy by simply applying Decrust® CF onto the surface from which the stains and incrustations are to be removed.


Decrust® CF is supplied as a ready to use liquid solution or gel in various packaging sizes. Best results are achieved in case of horizontal objects like floor tiles by simply spraying Decrust® CF onto the stains and residues. Decrust® CF gel is designed for the application on vertical or sloped objects like sinks, bathtubs, showers, toilets etc. Application time depends on the thickness of the incrustations and intensity of the red coloration. Slight brushing of the objects with sufficient Decrust® CF is recommended before rinsing the objects. Normally 10-15 minutes of application time should be sufficient. Prolonged treatment might be required. In case of toilets application time of 2-4 h cleans even inaccessible areas below water level spotless clean. Shortly after application of Decrust® CF the material does form complexes with the inorganic materials and by this removing the stains and incrustations.

Physical Properties

Composition Proprietary formulation
Active Components Chelate forming polyfunctional composition
Appearance Colorless liquid or paste
pH Acidic
Stability Stable
Storage Avoid freezing