Decrust Boat

Multi surface pre-cleaner


DecrustTM Boat is a newly developed multi- surface cleaner designed for the cleaning and nourishment of different surfaces like wood, brass, plastic, painted surfaces, stainless steel, copper and aluminum for maritime application. DecrustTM Boat does have excellent cleaning properties.

DecrustTM Boat is a powerful, non-toxic cleaning agent based on organic compounds which removes all types of moss, moulds, algae, lichens and other oceanic bio dirt.

DecrustTM Boat is easy to use on all kind of materials on a yacht ranging from plastic and glass fiber to wood, brass and rubber. The most important features are as follows:

  • Decrust Boat is ready to use: no preparation - no scrubbing - no rinsing
  • Refreshing of the cleaned surface, bringing out its original shine
  • Since Decrust Boat is free of chlorine, product is safe to use even for children, pregnant women etc.
  • Decrust Boat its non hazardous, non flammable, non corrosive (pH =7), and safe for environment
  • The smell is very pleasant
  • Decrust Boat is is non abrasive and gentle to the surface

DecrustTM Boat contains FLC OxiDates, copper organic complexes in low concentration and surfactants for the degreasing of the surface. As result of such formulation the surface is not only cleaned but also completely free of any deposits of algae and bio film.

Together with the surfactants the active ingredient FLC OxiDate establishes a cleaned, algae free surface restoring the original appearance. DecrustTM Boat combines the strength of the dangerous products hydrogen peroxide (HP) and peroxyacetic acid (PAA). FLC OxiDate is even more powerful than hydrogen peroxide. FLC OxiDate has the higher oxidation potential and releases more hydroxyl radicals even compared to hydrogen peroxide. FLC OxiDate’s hydroxyl radicals have the highest oxidation potential next only to elemental Fluorine.

The chart below compares the OxiDate in DecrustTM Boat with regular hydrogen peroxide in terms of their Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). The ORP is the measurement of the strength of the sanitizer. As to be seen, at any given concentration FLC OxiDate in DecrustTM Boat has the higher ORP compared to regular peroxide.

Complimentary to the FLC OxiDate, further ingredients in DecrustTM Boat are imparting an additional algae removing effect. Intentionally such double effect is working differently. Such additional effect is based on a copper complex acting like a fungicide. Such complex enters the inside of algae. Below a comparison between such copper complex and market available commonly used materials is depicted:

In order to have strong cleaning properties, DecrustTM contains FLC surfactants. The FLC surfactants impart strong cleaning properties to DecrustTM Boat which make the surface of the boat shiny and clean. The degreasing effect is visible after the first use. The FLC surfactants do contain nonpolar and polar molecular endings. With the polar side, water molecules are caught, with the non polar side grease and dirt are chemically bonded and by this the grease and dirt is removed from the surface. Additional features imparted by the FLC surfactants are the softening of the water by forming complexes with the magnesium and calcium ions of the water. Please see the principal mechanism as illustrated as follows:


Application Background

Since exposed to water, salt and UV light, boats require regular care and maintenance in order to keep the boat in excellent condition.

DecrustTM Boat is an ultra- modern, caustic free, acid free, VOC free cleaner for the treatment of different kind of surfaces of boats. Amomg others DecrustTM Boat cleans wood, polymers, plastic, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and chrome easily and effortless. Easily DecrustTM Boat does remove grease, oil, dirt, stains and algae from boats.


DecrustTM Boat is offered as an is easy2clean, ready to use solution. The application is as simple as convenient: just spray the liquid onto the surface which has to be cleaned, then briefly wipe with a sponge or cloth followed by rinsing with water and drying of the surface. In case of heavy impurities and bio material on the surface allow the material to react for a prolonged time without rinsing off. Repeating of the procedure might be required.