Cleaning and disinfection surfactant for the application in the garden area


AMBAS®-G is a newly developed anionic surfactant specifically designed for cleaning purposes in the garden. AMBAS®-G effectively removes moss, mold and algae from driveways, concrete, bricks, removes incrustations from ceramics, tiles and polymers and perfectly cleans polymer patio furniture and gardening tools out of materials like steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (e.g. aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, tin, etc.), most of common plastics (e.g. PE, PP, PET, PVC, etc.) as well as glass, ceramics, stone and concrete.

Application Background

Driveways, concrete, patios out of tiles and bricks quickly are covered with moss and algae when exposed to shadow as well as bird droppings. Such moss, algae and encrustations so far are difficult to remove. AMBAS®-G does completely remove such unwanted moss and algae by simply spraying AMBAS®-G onto the surface. No further work required. Additionally AMBAS®-G perfectly removes encrustations from various materials incl. polymers, perfectly cleans patio furniture and all kind of gardening tools which attributable to encrustations and residues of plants and soil normally can only be cleaned mechanically.

AMBAS®-G is a modern, caustic free anionic surfactant that provides superior cleaning power while being very gentle to the surface and skin. AMBAS®-G easily and smoothly does remove any encrustation, oil, grease and organic residue. After a short period of time all encrustations, oil- and grease-residues as well as moss and algae completely are removed.

Application Information

Physical Properties of AMBAS®-G

Chemical Composition

Proprietary Surfactant
Active Ingredient 53 wt. %
Ionic Type Anionic
Appearance Transparent to slightly white liquid
Odor Slightly mint or orange
Stability Stable
Storage Avoid freezing

AMBAS®-G is biologically degradable, non-toxic and safe to use. AMBAS®-G does have a slight orange smell. The use of the product in the garden is very easy, comfortable and absolutely safe.


AMBAS®-G is offered as an aqueous ready-to-use solution. The concentration of the active ingredient is about 53 wt. %.

Normally, AMBAS®-G is delivered in cans of 5, 10 and 25 liters, but also 500 ml PE-bottles with a foam-trigger are available. The product is sprayed on the gardening tools or surfaces to be cleaned. After an exposure time of several minute to 2-3 h AMBAS®-G can be washed off with plenty of water. In case of removal of algae and moss best results are achieved if AMBAS®-G just remains on the surface.